Esandi Perera

Founder & Executive Director of Strings4Smiles

Esandi Perera is a passionate musician who has been truly impacted by the power of music. Now a rising junior, she has been playing music since she was in the 1st grade. Throughout the years, she has learned how to play the violin, viola, and piano as well as played at the United Nations and Carnegie hall multiple times. Now attending the Waldorf School of Garden City, Esandi was involved in the school’s eco-orchestra, an orchestra where she learned to make music out of sustainable objects. Inspired, she realized that music could so easily be brought to those who are less fortunate. Esandi then started on her mission to make music accessible for all. She firmly believes that music has always been able to unite people as well as empower. Many students in third world countries do not have the opportunities to study music. Hence, Esandi plans to provide schools with instruments and will also stay at the school with a group of mentors to teach students the basics of music. She also plans to teach schools how to create sustainable instruments for themselves with vegetables as well as items that can be found littered on the beach. Esandi strives to share the power of music that every student deserves.

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